3 Benefits of Handmade Baby Clothes

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Once upon a time just about everything a baby wore was made by hand. Socks, christening gowns, beanies and blankets were made at home or in nearby shops. Now most things are made in factories in far-flung parts of the world.

Despite the convenience and affordability of mass-produced clothing, many people still treasure handmade things. Whether you make something yourself or buy from an artisan, there’s something special about clothes made in the old way.

When you shop for meticulously designed and produced items, they’ll naturally cost more than something you find at a big-box store. The price may be higher for these carefully made things, but so is the value.

What makes these little gems a good value? There are so many reasons to buy or make handcrafted clothes. Here are just a few of the benefits of handmade baby clothes.


Handcrafted items are one-of-a-kind and reflect the distinctive style of the maker. You may find a designer whose aesthetic is in tune with yours. When that happens, you’ll feel as if the clothing was made for you. Even if the artisan uses the same basic pattern, each piece will vary slightly.

Our bibs, for example, have details you won’t find in other stores. We have some favorite shapes and trims, but because the fabrics and colors are always changing, each item has an individual character.


Every detail of a handmade item is carefully constructed. Seams stay closed. Buttonholes are strong. Ties remain attached. Because of their durability, a well-made piece can be handed down to the next child or even to the next generation. A carefully sewn bib, bonnet or dress can become an heirloom that will still look good 20, 30 or 50 years from now.

Babies grow quickly, and some people aren’t concerned with the longevity of their clothing. Certainly, there are garments you may not want to keep once your baby outgrows them. However, for clothes and accessories that can be worn for months, such as bibs, collars and headbands, solid construction is important. Even for items that your child will only wear for a short time, a handmade item is a good value. Consider that you can sell, give away or donate a beautifully made item.


Many artisans are stay-at-home parents caring for kids. When you support a small business, the proceeds of your purchase directly benefit the designers and producers of your child’s clothing. These makers have a passion for their craft that can be seen and felt in their products. Care goes into the making of a handcrafted piece of clothing. When you hold in your hands a beautiful labor of love, it should make you smile and inspire joy.

Billy Bibs offers handmade baby accessories crafted with pride and love. Find the perfect gift for a special little one in our store.

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