It’s been said that when you buy from a small, family-run business, you’re not helping the CEO purchase a new boat; you’re making it possible for the young girl or boy to get swim lessons, the parents to put food on the table or make a mortgage payment, or the student to pay for college.

You, beloved client, are one of our shareholders, and we work to produce beautiful, quality items that delight, inspire, and serve you, day in and day out.

Kristina and Roman’s Story

We are Kristina and Roman, husband-and-wife team and proud parents to three darling children. We’re so glad you stopped by, and are thrilled to be able to bring you exquisite items for the little loves of your lives, handmade by local artisans in the PNW with hand-picked, cotton and other natural materials. Blending aesthetic beauty and functionality is what we do best, and we strive to make heartfelt, heirloom-quality products that bring you joy. Our local talent include several stay-at-home moms that work on their own terms. This allows us to produce exceptional products and maintain high-integrity labor practices. All our products are 100% handmade in the USA.

About Kristina

Kristina grew up watching her mother sew clothing for herself and her siblings, and picked up this skill with ease. When she and Roman welcomed their daughter, she was disappointed by the limited variety and low quality of available bibs and had the idea to create a bib that would look like part of a child’s outfit, rather than a functional add-on. Kristina then created a few different designs that served as accessories, making each reversible for easy styling. Finding no other bibs like these anywhere on the market, she brought the idea to Roman, who was just as excited as she was and ready to start a new business venture.

About Roman

Roman worked formerly as a contractor welder and self-employed independent commercial truck driver. As his job required travel, Kristina and their first baby journeyed with him all over the west coast. However, after having a second baby, family-style travel was no longer an option, and Roman found himself trapped working 70-80-hour weeks on the road, visiting with his family just a day or two between runs. When Kristina came up with the idea for Billy Bibs, Roman got on board immediately and was able to quit his job after just four weeks to devote full-time attention to the business. He is thrilled to be able to share quality products with people who seek them, and spend more time with his family in the process.

We have so much fun creating beautiful items for your precious babies, and are constantly inspired to dream up new items! If you would like to stay up-to-date on new products, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow up on any of the following social media channels! We’d love to hear from you!

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