Best Baby Fashion Accessories

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Smart and thrifty fashionistas of every age know you don’t need a lot of clothes to be chic. Well-dressed babies will look cute and feel comfy with just a handful of basics. For variety, multiply your child’s outfits with a selection baby fashion accessories. With just a few items, you can have fun styling your child’s ensembles.Headbands are one of the best baby fashion accessories.


A plain headband or one with a simple bow is a classic accessory for a baby girl. The bow can be small or large, neat or floppy, plain or festooned with feathers and bling. With a headband, it doesn’t matter whether she has a full mane or just a few wisps, but Billy Bibs’ bows com with a choice of headband or clip.

Billy Bibs Baby Accessories - Bib and Bow

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Dressy Bibs

A reversible bib is a versatile piece and gives your daughter or son two looks with one item. Our bibs come with various trims such as fringe and pom poms so you can mix and match for a variety of styles. They’re perfect for a little girl. For a boy, a classic bandana-style drool bib looks great. You can find them in many colors, from dignified to dynamic.

Peter Pan Collars

A collar turns an everyday look into a special-occasion style. Our collars come in four sizes, the smallest designed to fit a 12-month-old child. Your little one can wear these accessories with a simple top, tee or dress. Like our bibs, these pretty accessories are reversible. They come with dainty ribbons or lace that tie in front.

Pacifier Clip

A clip to secure your baby’s pacifier is practical. When it’s made with charming fabrics and trims, it also becomes a fashion accessory. Billy Bibs has a selection of clips you can mix and match with our bibs. You’ll love how these clips enhance your child’s outfit, and your baby will stay content because their binky will always be nearby.

Best Baby Accessories - Baby Pacifier

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Tutus were once only for ballerinas, but these accessories are just too awesome to be limited to the stage. Big and little dancers
everywhere feel special when they slip into a fluffy concoction of tulle and ribbon. Dress your baby or toddler in a tutu and watch her eyeslight up.Tutus are one of the best baby fashion accessories.

Fancy Socks, Tights, Shoes

There’s nothing more adorable than chubby legs and round feet. Dress up those squeezable cuties with dainty anklets, striped socks or class pale pink tights. Finish the look with Mary Janes, sneakers or moccasins.

Bow Ties

It’s not always easy to find cute, dressy accessories for your little man. A bow tie, however, gives your baby boy a dapper appearance that’s right for church, parties, photos or any special occasion.

Billy Bibs baby items are functional as well as fashionable. Shop our newest arrivals today!

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