Our bibs are made to accessorize & protect a babies outfit from drool. These are great for use during a special event, while your baby wears their Sunday best or if you love to dress your baby up at home. We do not recommend wearing our bibs during a mealtime. Food stains are very difficult to remove so we recommend using a wipeable bib during their meal.

Our items are embellished with a lot of different fringe, pom-poms, tassels and other notions. These embellishments require special care.

  1. We recommend machine washing bibs with fringe and hand washing bibs with poms.
  2. Wash your bibs with a natural, phosphate free detergent on a gentle cycle.
  3. Re-shape and hang or lay flat to dry with the fringe facing up.
  4. If you hand wash, squeeze out water and hang to dry in a shady area.
  5. Iron well to get it back to looking new.
  6. Washing might change the look of the embellishments & trims.
  7. Never bleach or tumble dry.
  8. Please do not soak the bib for too long so the dye doesn’t run.

Peter Pan Collars: Use the same care instructions as for the bibs! Gently wash, reshape and lay flat to dry. Iron well before wearing!


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