Why Neutrals Are the Best Colors for Baby Clothing

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It’s easy to dream when you’re wearing L’oved Baby’s soft cotton sleeper.

One definition of a neutral is: a color that blends with others and doesn’t stand out. That sounds a little boring and doesn’t do these subtle shades justice.

Here’s another way to think of neutral toned baby clothing:

Neutrals are elegant, flattering and classic. Clothes in neutral colors are perfect for baby gifts and hand-me-downs because they’re versatile, never go out of style and look good on everyone.

Simple Colors for a Minimalist Style

Another appeal of neutrals is how easy they make a parent’s life. They make dressing your baby simple and fuss-free.

If you routinely dress your baby in the wee hours of the morning, before your first cup of coffee, when your brain is still on autopilot, it’s not a problem: Reach into the drawer, pull out any top and any bottom. Everything goes with everything else.

Pop in little arms and legs. Done and adorable!

Besides the ease of dressing, though, neutral colors feel calming. The soft, earthy tones have a natural feel that’s fitting for babies and kids.

Gray Label

Gray Label makes simple yet sophisticated clothing for littles.

Mixing Neutrals With Other Colors

If it’s a special occasion, or you just want to add another layer of cuteness, dress up a neutral outfit with a bib, collar or bow. You can create a tone-on-tone look with the accessories, or choose a contrasting shade.

Here are neutral colors that work well for babes:

  • white
  • black
  • gray
  • silver
  • cream
  • tan
  • navy

When you want more color, choose an accessory, top or bottom with greater saturation. White, black, cream and all the other staples make an ideal canvas for a splash of pink, blue, green, mustard or any hue you like.

Where to Buy Neutral-Colored Baby Clothing

neutral colored baby clothing

Mabo’s cotton basics are perfect for sleep or lounging.

You can find neutrals anywhere, from big box merchants to small online stores. We like the following three sellers because of their commitment to natural fabrics, simple designs and socially responsible manufacturing.

L’oved Baby: We love the soft, organic cotton sleepers. You’ll find clothing, blankets and accessories in baby and toddler sizes on their website.

Mabo: Mabo makes simple, comfortable clothing from natural fabrics. Their organic cotton basics are great for sleeping and playtime.

Gray Label: This company has cool styles made from soft, organic fabrics. Many style sare unisex and all are easy to mix and match.

Billy Bibs classics collection features our customer favorites in a range of neutrals and colors.

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