Why do newborns need bibs?

 In General

Some may feel this is a fairly basic question, but it’s very common amongst expecting parents – at what point do babies need bibs?

This answer ranges for all babies, depending on their stages of development. Most will wait a few months—at least until weaning starts—while others will have their newborn don one almost immediately.

We’re here to say that newborns could use bibs in just a few weeks (as early as two weeks!), and why buying one for your newborn can make your life much easier as a parent.

Even though your baby isn’t at the point of eating solids, he or she can still make quite a mess.

There’s milk, for one, which can be very messy for a newborn. Many newborns also drool excessively, which can dampen their outfits (this is not comfortable for them!). Buying a bib for your newborn can save you tons of money in terms of buying new clothes.


The age of “spitting up”

This is fairly common in babies (about half of all 0-3 month olds). Spitting is a form of uncomplicated reflux, and it happens most commonly when they drink milk too fast. It can be a medical issue—it isn’t always—but definitely easier to take care of if the newborn wears a bib. Using bibs now could avoid you having to change your baby’s clothes after every feeding.

Bibs are also easy to wash

Like we said before, it can be expensive if your baby is constantly damaging his or her outfits. A bib is easy to use and easy to take care of (much more so than a onesie).

One very important tip!

We cannot finish this post without saying this: do NOT let your baby fall asleep with his or her bib on! This is extremely hazardous for them. You need to be especially careful as babies may fall asleep right after their feeding. Of course you don’t want to disturb their sleep, so try to take off their bib shortly after they’re finished feeding.

Get your bib now at Billy Bibs

As you can see, there are many reasons to get a bib for your newborn (especially with all those cute clothes you lined up!).

In that, our bibs come in a wide variety, and you can certainly find one that will match your baby’s outfits. You can check out our catalog here.

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