Daphne Bow Set


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Our Daphne Bow Set comes with 2 bows that are each decorated differently to ensure your bundle of joy captures a unique look at the next family event or special occasion. You’ll receive a port colored solid bow and a multi floral rose bow.

We believe that baby accessories can be both beautiful and functional. That’s why our products are ideal for special events or formal occasions where even little ones deserve to look their absolute best. We take pride in ensuring our bows are locally made with high quality materials and an extra dose of love because your baby deserves it.



Our bows come in two sizes. The regular bow is 2.5 inches, and my personal favorite, the mini bow, measures just under 2 inches. You have the option of a beige or black nylon band to best match with your babies hair color. You can choose the size and hardware from the drop down menu above.



Hand wash your bows, reshape and lay flat to dry.



We secure all nylons bands and clips as best we can. However, these pieces can become loose and pose a choking hazard to children. As with all accessories and headbands, please supervise children at all times. Do not wear while sleeping.

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